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General Information about CoralCure Ointment Base2B

Please note that only professional research teams seeking to treat against SCTLD or other coral diseases may order ointment. If you are a research team who wishes to purchase ointment, email for the order password. 

Our coral ointment, currently referred to as CoralCure Ointment Base2B, can be mixed with Amoxicillin Trihydrate to treat SCTLD at the diseased margin of coral at a success rate of ~85%. These results could vary depending on the specific activity of the disease in each region as this information about the disease is currently unknown. 

Amoxicillin Trihydrate must be purchased separately and mixed into the ointment in a laboratory setting by the disease strike team operating under an approved permit.

The ointment is designed to adhere to the coral disease margin and release the Amoxicillin into the coral at a fixed dosage rate over approximately 3 days which has proven to be the most effective release rate for Amoxicillin. 

Ointment Care Instructions

  • Store jars of CoralCure Ointment Base2B in a refrigerator


  • Each jar contains either 400g or 2kgs of coral ointment placebo base


  • Product shelf life is a minimum of 2-3 months but can be used as long as the product is pliable. If the solvent in the ointment evaporates, it will allow the polymers in the ointment matrix to vulcanize and the product will begin to harden. If ointment is hard or crusty, do not use.


  • Do not freeze or heat coral ointment as it may alter the physical properties of the ointment


  • When taking product onto a boat, place ointments into a cooler with some ice for optimal transport

Amoxicillin Instructions

  • Amoxicillin must be purchased separately and mixed into ointment base on the same day as application. Once Amoxicillin is added to the ointment base, it will begin to degrade at a rate of approximately 2% per day.

  • Amoxicillin is part of the Beta-Lactam class of antibiotics which are potent allergens: Do not allow anyone on your team to work with this product if they are allergic to the Beta-Lactam class of antibiotics!

  • Add Amoxicillin Trihydrate from the approved source into the ointment base at a 1:8 ratio of Amoxicillin to ointment; this equates to 50g of Amoxicillin per 400g jar or 250g of Amoxicillin per 2kg jar of placebo Base2B ointment . Mix well for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Ointment Application Information

  • Upon successful incorporation of Amoxicillin into CoralCure Ointment Base2B, load ointment into
    50cc catheter syringes with a spoon or other utensil for application onto corals. Purchase Syringes Here.


  • For thicker applications, cut the tip off of the syringes to increase the opening diameter.


  • Ointment is designed to stick to the skeleton of the coral only, not the living tissue. Apply ointment only along the lesion lines of the disease. Any tissue underneath the ointment application will be lost. Do not apply ointment to healthy coral tissue.


  • If necessary, removal of any non-coral growth from the skeletal tissue by use of a scrub brush often provides better adhesion results.


  • Product is designed to release Amoxicillin over the course of 3 days, after 3 days the ointment can be removed from the coral if your team desires.

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 Amount Needed & Ointment Cost

  • The cost is $50/ 400g jar of ointment + shipping or $225/ 2kg jar of ointment + shipping. 

  • 1 gram of ointment = 5 linear cms to treatment

  • 1 - 400g jar of ointment ~= 20 m (65.5ft) of treatment and 1 - 2kg jar of ointment ~= 100m (328ft) of treatment

  • 1 - 400g jar of ointment = 6-8 syringes = approximately 6-18 corals (on average, depending on size of corals)
    1 - 2kg jar of ointment =  30-40 syringes = approximately 30-90 corals
    (on average, depending on size of corals)

  • A good rule of thumb is ~3 syringes per diver/dive and there are 8 syringes per 400g jar. So if you are planning a trip you can use the following formula to determine the amount of jars needed.

          (3 syringes/diver * Number of divers * Number of dives/day * Number of days) / (8 syringes /jar)  = Number of 400g Jars needed

          (Divide that final number by 5 if you prefer the 2kg jars)  

           For example, 12 divers doing 2 dives a day for 5 days will need:

            (3 * 12 * 2 * 5)/ (8) = 45 - 400g Jars which is equal to 9 - 2kg Jars

          *Please note that experienced dive teams may work faster and apply more syringes per dive

  • Most orders can be received in 1-2 weeks. We do prefer to ship on Mondays to give the shipment the full week to arrive. Shipping is calculated using a discounted FedEx International Priority price at checkout. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: As of January 2021 all customs fees will be paid by the recipient, please contact your customs broker to discuss the possibility of receiving items duty free. 


  • If you are using a Veterinarian to obtain Amoxicillin be sure to request Amoxicillin Trihydrate.

  • Syringes must be purchased separately from Amazon and cost $26 for 50 syringes. You will need 8 syringes per 400g jar or 40 syringes per 2kg jar. Purchase Syringes Here

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